Prevention is better than cure
Advising in herbalism, phytotherapy and nutrition

Herbalist tradition & Prevention

Regain a better motivation and improve your daily life. With the help of medicinal plants and herbalist tradition, I can help you consolidate your well-being and improve your sleep. Rediscover natural principles of prevention and grown your own potential to heal.

Prevent "Domino effect*"

Overcome physical imbalances, organic saturation and chronic stress. Herbalist, medicinal plants specialist, I advise you and guide you onto the path of better vitality. I can support you when you are suffering from chronic pathologies*, overtraining syndrome, insomnia, burn out, amongst others.

*Emotional, nervous and physical stress, as well as a metabolic saturation, maladapted diet and physical imbalances can result in chronic pathologies, such general fatigue, insomnia, migraines, digestive problems, allergies, ENT problems, mood imbalances, articular and dorsal pain, deficient immune system, muscular cramps, tendinitis, arthrosis/arthritis, sinusitis/bronchitis, hormonal insufficiency, etc.